Educational Services

emPSN Service Providers

emPSN otherwise known to schools as embc (our schools brand) provide a number of educational services for schools including a catalogue of service providers supplying connectivity and applications services. As part of the NEN (National Education Network) we also deliver a range of teaching and learning resources which are free with the schools membership of emPSN.

Our suppliers are selected to provide schools with safe and secure access to the internet and a range of services and products.

Over the last year our supplier and product base has increased largely as a result of feedback from schools.

Core connectivity is provided by Kcom over the emPSN network ranging from 2Mbps to 250Mpbs depending on location, connection type available and school choice and we have options for using Virgin Media where Virgin cable exists, and wireless for difficult to connect schools.

emPSN offer a range of suppliers for email, email filtering, web filtering, web hosting, IDP and other services.

Schools can buy an integrated package; connectivity and a fixed set of services or they can choose a pick and mix approach. There is also the option of buying connectivity from emPSN suppliers and purchasing services from outside the framework or using in house ones.

Schools can contract directly with our suppliers or take the embc direct option and buy through embc.

For details of our suppliers and their products see the table below and for more details click the relevant links below the table:

embc Services and Suppliers

Services                       Ark  Capita Capital Bytes eSafety Advisor F1  Kcom/ RM KBR  LGfL Trustnet  Mouchel  Pure Data Wave 9
Email x x x x x
Web filtering x x x x x x x x x
Office 365 x x x
Email filtering x x x x x x x x
DNS resolution x x x  x x
First line support x x x x x x x x
Web hosting x x x x x x
MIS integration x x  x x
VLE x x  x x
Online reporting x x x
Remote backup x x x x x
Hosted DNS x x x  x x x
SMTP relay x x x x
School forensics x  x x
Mobile manager x x  x x
Remote access VPN x x x x
Esafety advice x  x x
Public Internet Access x x x
Web filtering for tablets x x
Private “Dropbox” x x
Wireless Network x x x
Local Area Network x  x x
 Network Management  x  x  x
 BYOD  x  x
Tablet Training x
Anti Virus x x x
 Video Conferencing x  x
 ICT & Msoft training  x  x
Web development x  x
On/off site support x x
Smart Product x
Audio visual eqpt x  x
Computer hardware x  x
Phone systems x x
Project mgmt x  x
Suppliers Ark Capita Capital Bytes eSafety Adviser F1 Kcom/RM KBR  LGfL Mouchel Pure Data Wave 9