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Kcom (part of the KCOM Group) provides communication services for multi-site enterprise and public sector organisations across the UK. Kcom’s customers include regional Grids for Learning and a growing number of Public Services Networks (PSNs). The PSNs that Kcom delivers offer secure communications infrastructure that can be shared by schools, local authorities, hospitals and emergency services and can deliver substantial savings to each organisation and a better service to their customers.

The KCOM Group is a public limited company with a 100 year history as a service provider and a reputation built on innovation and excellent customer service.

• Kcom provides the backbone communications infrastructure for the emPSN
• Kcom offers a range of connectivity options (Access Services) and Application Services for schools
• For other Public Sector bodies Kcom offers a range of communications services including telephony, mobile and unified communications
• All services are backed by skilled UK based local customer service.

Kcom Services

Choosing the right communication service for a school can be confusing. The service must be not only safe, secure and reliable but also provide best value for the school and for the public sector more broadly. Access to first class educational services will also be a requirement.

Kcom offers services in two areas

Access Services – A secure managed broadband connection providing access to the internet and other on-line educational resources

Application Services – a range of services specifically designed for schools from leading UK provider RM.

Access Service - your connection to EMBC.

Kcom offers a range of connections. This is important because the speed and reliability of your connection will depend on a whole range of factors - so beware of suggestions that the supply of a school broadband connection is simple.

Kcom offers a range of broadband capacity depending on the school’s specific requirements. These range from 2Mbps right up to 1,000Mbps so the right capacity can be provided to meet any requirements. Similarly, Kcom has a range of options in the way to connect schools to the embc backbone network. This is important as the best option to choose will depend on the school’s location in relation to the core network plus a number of other factors. Kcom can help you decide on the right connection whether that is via a telephone line or through a dedicated fibre-optic connection. In addition Kcom will supply the equipment required to terminate the access circuit and to connect it to the local area network within the school. All of this is provided with a full support package which means that Kcom monitor the access service for faults and ensure that anything that does go wrong is fixed within a timescale defined in a clearly stated service level agreement.

Kcom has supplied much of the communications infrastructure for embc since its beginning in 2001. That means that Kcom already has information about school locations and the best access circuit choice for that location. In fact, schools can choose to continue to use their existing connection should they so wish.

The choice of connection is important. Kcom will ensure that each school will receive a service specifically designed for school use, not a service designed for home use. In addition, the backbone network that Kcom provides for embc is being re-designed so that it can be used by other public sector bodies. The new network is called the emPSN and it means lower costs for all users so each school connected can be assured of the best possible price for its connection.

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Educational Services.

The access service is one element of the service that Kcom offers. In addition it is vital that other controls and services are in place to protect pupils and their work and offer them the resources they need to make full use of the internet. The educational and e-safety services available from Kcom are provided by RM, one of the UK’s largest providers of learning resources. The services include the following, Visit Kcom's dedicated web pages to find out more:

RM Web Filtering - Internet access control services including URL and content filtering. A fully accredited service that complies with current guidance and incorporates mandatory Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) filtering to ensure only the suitable content gets through to the school. Content can be filtered in the network (RM SafetyNet) before it gets to the school or by equipment located in the school (RM SmartCache2).

RM Easymail Plus – An email system for all users with robust controls in place to ensure that only legitimate emails get through and anything potentially damaging is blocked. This is all managed in the network and there is a choice of systems available including a Microsoft Live@Edu solution as well as a very simple SMTP solution.

RM Web Hosting – A simple solution for a school to host its website in a secure data-centre to reduce the risk of it going down but with easy to use access to make sure it can be kept current at all times.

Data Transfer RM SecureNet Plus – A safe mechanism for pupils to use to transfer large amounts of data when they are, for example, working on collaborative projects.

Remote Back-up - RM RemoteSafe – An essential tool to guard against the risk of losing important information in the event of a problem with data stored on school computers. Back-up is secure so that the data cannot be intercepted and happens out of normal school hours.

RM Virtual Server – rather than running an application from a server that the school needs to look after, this solution means that the server is run from a secure data-centre on the network so the school does not have to worry about the server breaking down.

RM Learning Platform – a portal based service that provides a full virtual learning environment that pupils, parents and teachers can access at any time, from school or from home. This means that information can be shared in a secure yet personalised way and that tools such as assessments are available on-line for use at any time

Application Services Prices: To find our more and to view prices, please visit the Kcom web pages

Access Services Prices: To ensure the best possible value is achieved for each school Kcom will price each services individually for each school. Details of services and prices are being made available to each school individually.

Contact: The Kcom emPSN team can be contacted at embc@kcom.com or calling 0808 1560025





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