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emPSN has procured a set of suppliers to provide schools and the wider public sector with safe and secure access to the internet and a range of services and products. The catalogue of products will continue to expand over time as will the number and type of suppliers as we listen to our customers and develop the service to meet their needs.

Core connectivity is provided by Kcom over the emPSN network. Schools wanting access to the internet and other services can purchase their core connectivity from Kcom from the range of connection types they are able to offer. This ranges from a 100Mbps connection to a 2Mbps connection dependant on location, connection type available and the requirement of the school. 

Services to run over your connection such as email, email filtering, web filtering, web hosting and IDP services can be purchased from a number of emPSN suppliers including RM (via Kcom), Capita IT services, Capital Bytes and Lightspeed by KBR.

Virgin Media is able to provide access services from the core emPSN network to the services provided by RM (Kcom) and Capita. It is possible for a school to purchase core connectivity and then add services from suppliers outside the emPSN framework. 

More information from the individual suppliers and their contacts are included in the supplier pages. If you have any queries we are always pleased to help just email us at or ring on 01604 879869


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