OPENHIVE is a versatile hosted and managed suite of products and services delivering personalised learning within one environment.

Tailored for your requirements

OPENHIVE has been designed for the specific needs of schools, their teaching staff and learners. Everyone’s needs are different, which is why we offer a modular range of products and services from which you can pick and choose. Use just one module to enhance or complement your existing ICT services, or switch completely to OPENHIVE for a fully integrated and rich teaching and learning experience – it’s completely your decision.


…is fully integrated with teaching and learning

OPENHIVEmail provides enterprise class, filtered messaging based on Microsoft Exchange. Integration with your management information system (MIS) and other OPENHIVE services places OPENHIVEmail at the centre of all teaching and learning activities, providing the facility to populate calendars with timetable data from your MIS. Use in conjunction with our virtual learning environment (VLE) for an even richer experience.

Why use OPENHIVEmail?

  • Filtered email providing an Education appropriate mail platform; including emails within your organisation.
  • Enhances communication within a single school, multi-campus schools, linked schools and Local Authorities.
  • A range of easy access methods – at any time, from any location, and using any device.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your MIS and other OPENHIVE services, offering a truly integrated teaching and learning experience.
  • Intuitive links with other OPENHIVE products helps users to organise, share and manage projects for greater productivity.
  • Individual user identities ensure a high level of security at all times.
  • Managed address list, groups and distribution lists for easy organisation of contacts – specific to your needs
  • An age-appropriate interface specially designed for primary school use.
  • Automatically scans and filters inappropriate content and spam messages.
  • No additional hardware, software or maintenance costs.
  • Overheads and administration costs are reduced through greater efficiency.


….brings your school’s ICT services and communities together

Based on Microsoft SharePoint, OPENHIVEportal has a range of document management and collaboration tools. OPENHIVEportal is a secure and password-protected environment. All users can access content and data that’s relevant to thier role. With one Single Sign-On (SSO), your staff, learners, parents and governors can access information, content, applications and data that are relevant to them, including collaboration tools such as wikis and blogs. OPENHIVEportal brings a range of document management and collaboration tools. Document management features include: drag and drop from existing file storage; open and save of documents from OPENHIVEportal; document check-out and check-in with version control; workflow management. In addition you can select different themes and customise based on your organisation identity. Many of are current sites are running on SharePoint 2010; this year OPENHIVEportal will be updated to provide SharePoint 2013 and we will be working to migrate all customers providing additional functionality to everyone.

Why use OPENHIVEportal?

  • More personalised and engaging experience for learners, leading to improved performance and higher levels of attainment.
  • Encourages greater interaction throughout the entire school community.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) facility provides access to all authorised areas for a complete and seamless experience.
  • Easy management of shared, personal and private collaboration and class sites.
  • Can be extensively customised to meet the needs of education, with age-appropriate interfaces and access to educational content.
  • Site, group and individual user management is provisioned by OPENHIVEiD, ensuring easy and secure management of shared, personal and private collaboration and class sites.
  • A branded website, creating greater awareness of your school, engaging the wider community and attracting new pupils.
  • A LA, cluster or federation-wide portal for real time collaboration or enterprise wide for schools.
  • Pre-created templates mean that everyday school activities can be published online quickly and easily, improving communication.
  • Full support from our OPENHIVE help desk.


…providing integrated management of and access to Office365

Managing a large and fluid user base in a cloud-based system has been difficult – until now! OPENHIVElive takes the hassle out of provisioning Microsoft Office365 services by linking accounts directly to your MIS via OPENHIVEiD. Any changes in your MIS – when users join or leave your school, alterations to personal details etc – are automatically updated in the Office365 service. Your learners can now access and enjoy exciting personal online experiences, managed by you and all within a safe, secure school environment.

Why use OPENHIVElive?

  • Fully integrated with OPENHIVE – Single Sign-On via OPENHIVEpass enables instant access to Microsoft’s service.
  • The benefits of Office 365 provided within a safe and secure environment.
  • A dynamic online experience for your learners to explore, play and build their personal profiles.
  • Facilitates online collaboration between learners, improving communication skills through rich, interactive services.
  • Simple management through MIS integration, saving you time and resources.
  • No capital investment required, a highly cost-effective choice for schools.
  • No additional hardware required, no software licences to buy, no support costs.
  • Free generous storage space provided for all users.


…it’s so much easier 

OPENHIVEiD controls all of your services: use it to provision, identify and manage all of your users’ access requirements from your management information system (MIS). Learners, teachers, parents and governors all have a single identity, even if they have multiple roles – OPENHIVEiD ensures they can access all relevant ICT services using one single user account, and can even manage identities across different schools!


  • Access to a completely integrated service via a single identity and account.
  • Simplified user provisioning and management for multiple services, including roles, groups, schools and access control.
  • Understands your school’s timetables, classes etc. and enables user access across all OPENHIVE services, updating user information as changes occur.
  • Real time provisioning for your VLE, email, portal, parental reporting and filtered instant messaging – even Microsoft Office 365.
  • Automatic key stage rollover.
  • Fully automated process reduces administrative and technical support demands and provides greater cost efficiencies.
  • Multi-role and school aware through a single identity – a user-friendly service that improves satisfaction and productivity.
  • OPENHIVEiD web interface empowers you to manage your users easily.
  • Fully compliant with the Schools Interoperability Framework subscribe and publishing standards.


…establish your own website  

This service provides a cost-effective shared server website hosting service, suitable for most educational web-sites. Website hosting allows each organisation to have it’s own website that can be easily established and maintained. This avoids hardware and software set-up costs, and reduces the cost of on-going system maintenance.

What’s different about OPENHIVEshare?

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Based on cPanel
  • Flexible packages
  • Bring your own PHP/Perl/Ruby Modules
  • My SQL database Array
  • Easy Migration

Benefits of OPENHIVEshare?

  • Managed service provision.
  • Frequent and automatic back-up of content.
  • Closely monitored performance.
  • Avoiding hardware and set-up costs.
  • Reducing the costs of ongoing system maintenance.
  • Shared-server website hosting.
  • Website reporting statistics are available.
  • Website hosted in secure environment and accessed online.
  • Daily back-up and recovery provided.
  • Service includes space configuration, installation support and maintenance and website creation tools and code.


…shield yourself from viruses and spam

You need to protect your school against virus attacks and unwarranted spam email. Our OPENHIVE email content control solution scans viruses, spam and photographic images to protect pupils, and forms part of our e-Safety Suite.

Whats different about OPENHIVEmailshield?

  • Web based quarantine administration
  • Scans for viruses and spam
  • Customisable content rules
  • Filters for pornographic images
  • Per domain settings
  • Historical and statistical reporting features

Benefits of OPENHIVEmailshield?

  • Provides a safe e-Learning environment.
  • Maximises your control over email content.
  • Fully supported managed service.
  • Provides scanning and filtering of email for viruses, spam and other types of content.
  • Scans, detects, controls and blocks messages and attachments.
  • Protects pupils and staff from unwanted inappropriate content.
  • Helps to reduce data loss through email communications.
  • Supported by proactive, UK based, 24 x 7 Customer Services Team.
  • Reduces the risk of school liability.
  • Reduces IT administration and workload.


…keeping students safe online

You need to ensure that your pupils are browsing the Internet in an environment that rewards curiosity and inquisitiveness and at the same time protects them from external threats and inappropriate material. Our OPENHIVE web filtering solution offers an adaptable service.

What’s different about OPENHIVEwebshield?

  • Over 3.8 Billion classified URLs
  • Approximately 15 million new URLs uploaded daily
  • Centralised web based administration
  • Categorises HTTP / HTTPS / FTP traffic into over 90 Categories
  • Premium reporting capabilities
  • 24 x 7 Customer support team

Benefits of OPENHIVEwebshield

  • Provides a safe e-learning environment.
  • Maximises your control over Internet usage.
  • Prevents unnecessary filtering of legitimate sites.
  • Comprehensive reporting features highlight most accessed categories, most active computers and block categories.
  • Filtering of web text and multi-lingual content.
  • Fully managed and supported service.
  • Policies can be applied to any device at any time.
  • Pages are accessed by users are analysed and categorised.
  • Enforceable safe searching on search engines.
  • Web browsing history reporting.
  • Easy policy administration.



…makes intelligent use of your MIS data

OPENHIVEbridge integrates your management information system (MIS) with OPENHIVEiD, any other OPENHIVE services you are using, and external content. It provides centralised intelligence about every learner in your school, enabling you to build up a personal record for each learner and manage issues such as attendance and behaviour, as well as making easy work of tasks such as timetabling and reporting.

Why use OPENHIVEbridge?

  • Intelligent use of MIS data informs other educational services and facilitates ‘joined up’ thinking.
  • Make more informed decisions across all aspects of teaching and learning, offer greater support and guidance to learners when required, make more accurate assessments and establish more effective channels of communication.
  • Standards-based method of sharing data (SIF-certified applications) and totally secure.
  • Data extracts can be scheduled and different data can be obtained at different frequencies.
  • Reduced administration for more effective and beneficial use of teaching time.
  • Amends to timetable and class data are automatically updated.
  • A dynamic, automated service that ensures everyone has access to the same information.



…Moodle simplified, managed and supported

A fully managed open source Learning Platform integrated with OPENHIVEiD. Features including automated provisioning of school timetables and classes are there to help you with the management of class groups. Single Sign-On simplifies access between all OPENHIVE services.

Why use OPENHIVEmoodledo?

  • Hosted in our secure data center providing services remotely but which integrate into locally provided services
  • A supported and managed Moodle environment. All set-up done by our OPENHIVE provisioning team.
  • Automated management of class groups as schools rotate their students.
  • Single Sign on is provided through OPENHIVEpass. Which provides seamless access across all OPENHIVE services.
  • All the common modules of Moodle are included: such as lessons, assignments, chat, choice, feedback, SCORM, wiki and forums.
  • Choice of storage levels depending on your school needs

OpenHIVE Product Prices

Product Price per User per Annum (*per service) First Service Set up Fee Second or subsequent service set up fee
OpenHIVEmail (Exchange) £4.85 £639.45 £216.30
OpenHIVElive (Office 365) £1.27 £639.45 £216.30
OpenHIVEiD £0.46 £639.45 £216.30
OpenHIVBshare (5BGB) *£360.15 £639.45 £216.30
OpenHIVEmailshield £1.13 £639.45 £216.30
OpenHIVEwebshield £2.08 £639.45 £216.30
OpenHIVEbridge *£298.20 £451.50 £220.50
OpenHIVEportal £3.18 £1,015.35 £509.25
OpenHIVEmoodle £2.28 £639.45 £216.30

Capita’s OPENHIVE desk can be contacted on 0845 121 7788 or by email to

The Contact and Escalation policy for Capita customers can be viewed here: Contact and Escalation v3 0